Blogmas Day 6!

Ho ho ho whadya know it’s me again! It’s hard writing for blogmas when you have a full time job. Nothing really festive happens at work… we’re revving up for Secret Santa at work. I got someone I don’t really know so it’s a generic gift for you buddy! LOL

OH wait just as I re-read that first paragraph. Something majorly festive happened at work. Our giant zillion foot tall tree with that booty though arrived! Our company puts a huge tree right at the front door that is probably 12 feet high. It smells sooo good in the entrance way now. I love that our company does that. It’s so nice walking into work with a sparkly lush smelling tree to greet you every morning. I’ll try to take a picture on my way into work tomorrow. It came during the day and the girls were busy making it look nice so I didn’t want to get in the way today.

I have so many packages coming to our house over the next few days. My neighbour is gonna hate me! Luckily 3 packages arrived today. One was put in a gas box outside my house (?!) Way to be creative DPD!! The others were left at my neighbours.

And by others… one of them was the box from my mom and dad in Canada!!!!!!!!! I love getting mail from them! It’s like ooo look look it’s my mom’s hand writing! lol

I was going through my old memories on Facebook and it’s making me feel like I’m letting the days go by without really embracing Christmas. I haven’t even baked a single Christmas treat yet. I think I’ll make gingerbread men either tomorrow or on the weekend. I need to correct this! I need to bake something, watch Little Women and possibly do a double feature with The Holiday or something. I like to start December with non-Christmas but kinda Christmas themed movies and get more and more festive as the days go by… next week we’ll be watching Christmas Vacation at my friend’s house. And the week after that it’s gotta be The Santa Clause followed by Rudolph, Frosty and The Snowman.

Ooo I’m feeling more festive just thinking about those things! I think I’ll head off to bed now with visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in my head!

Good night eh!

Blogmas day 5

Happy 5th of December!! 20 more days til we wake up and open presents! There’s not much to talk about today. We went to the Oakham Christmas Market this evening and enjoyed a pink lady cider from The Grainstore Brewery.

Other than that I’ve just been cooking and enjoying Christmas vlogs! I’m really enjoying Tanya Burr’s vlogs lately! I appreciate her obsession with The White Company. If I had all the money in the world I’d buy all the candles and Christmas things there!

Well I’m gonna call it a night and finish some vlogs. Good night!

Blogmas Day 4

Yes I treat my dog like a child. The whole house is festive and cute but Grace’s blankets were still in autumn! Not to worry… I bought her a duvet set from ASDA today!

There’s polar bears and snow flakes and treees! And it’s soft and fluffy. So that’s a happy hound and a happy Mom! Lol

I decided to drive just outside of Leicester today to check out TK Max. I love the idea of TK Max but I never end up getting anything. The Christmas tea towels weren’t even that nice!

So I went across the street to Asda and picked up these blankets and a cheeky bag of bath salts and bubble bath soap for tonight… hubba I already had a lush bath this evening and it’s only 6:30! I feel a bit jet lagged tonight.

I also booked tickets to go see The Nutcracker next weekend at the movies. By myself but hey I have to get out there and do things for myself now! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve been wanting to see The Royal Opera House do The Nutcracker for years.

I also did a ton of online Christmas shopping in the last 24 hours so I’m gonna have a few packages coming to my door this week.. that or I have a few queues to look forward to at the post office this week… thank god for Spotify and Christmas music! At least I’ll have that if the line is insane.

Have a good week everyone!

Blogmas Day 3

Oops so major fail. I didn’t blog the first 3 days. I thought I’d take a stab at blogging even just a few sentences every day this month! So the last 3 days have been me waking up early on December 1st all excited to use my advent calendar for the first time this year! We didn’t really do a lot Christmassy until last night. We put up our tree… which turned into a big tidy the house party (and pizza party!). And last weekend I drove to Stamford for the first time and bought myself a Winter candle from The White Company… it is delicious smelling!! I highly recommend it. Don’t let the strong smell put you off. When you burn it it’s actually pretty light and builds over time. It’s the perfect amount of spicy but not nauseating.

Today I’ve been binging on Vlogmas vlogs on youtube! I also decorated a wreath and sent off my family’s little Christmas package.

I’ve been on the lookout for a tacky but cute Christmas collar for Grace but there’s so many different options and price points out there.. It’s literally impossible for me to pick one.

I’m really stumped for ideas for my husband. He’s tricky to shop for! I just want to go on a day trip to Bicester Village and get him something really nice but for a huge discount. For those who don’t know, Bicester Village is like a TK/TJ Maxx/Winners/Marshalls for expensive brands.

That’s all from me today. I might be wrapping presents tomorrow or decorating a table we have in the living room so it kinda looks like a fireplace mantel… not sure yet!

Merry Blogmas Everyone!


A random post

Ah what the heck! It’s a gorgeous day outside… just decided to come in for a bit to get away from the sun and save my skin. What have you been up to these days?! I brought back my old Facebook account that I thought I deleted, visited London last week and now I’m preparing for Holland and CANADA!!! oh and discovered how to make pizza.

I am so excited for both of them! My husband and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary on July 28th 😀 In Holland! Can’t wait 😀 I’m doing so much travelling lately. Gotta use up that passport before it expires. I think I’ll have to say goodbye to this one. I hope they send it back because it’s fun to go through old passports to see where you’ve been and check out all the unique stamps.

Canada is going to be great! My sister is getting married this year yay! We have lots of relaxation and food related dates planned. I’m so thankful that my work is letting me work from Canada for a week. There’s no way I would’ve been able to help plan and prepare for the big day without visiting twice this year. I got my dress in April, it arrived in June and I’m squeezing in a fitting right before the wedding. phew! I’m excited to wake up every morning, walk to Timmies and start my work day with a double double and some Canadian sunshine 😀

Well this was just a random one from me. Wanted to say hey 😀



Happy Canada Day everyone! I know this is kind of late but I wanted to talk aboot it anyway. I’ve been living in the UK for 4 years now and there’s just something special about celebrating Canada Day in another country. I feel more proud of my country living over here and representing what it means to be Canadian. My friend and I went for a walk on Canada Day rocking our maple leaf temporary tattoos and my festive t-shirt. We got a lot of looks and a couple people even stopped us to ask what was going on. I love telling people about my home country and why I’m proud to be Canadian! It’s also nice to explain that I’m proud to live in England and hopefully instil that same sense of pride in them for their own country.

Canada is like a family member to me. Whenever I land in Toronto it’s like waiting to see an old friend. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my friends in England today. We’ll be braving the English summer today and I’m sure it’ll be great! And maybe in the future if we’re lucky enough we’ll get to celebrate with our kids and keep the festive feeling alive!

Check out some pictures I took of my last Canada Day IN Canada. It was that time I bought a Nikon DSLR and then returned it … ha. LOL I miss that camera!!


So we’re going to HOLLAND! I can’t wait to visit! I’ve always wanted to go but it was too expensive from Canada. We’re going to Amsterdam and hopefully we’ll be able to catch a bus or train to take us to where my Oma and Opa are from. We’ll be able to see my Opa’s childhood home how cool!

We’re staying at a hotel called Hotel NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

I have to buy all the Dutch souvenirs I can stuff in my backpack! I want a pair of wooden shoes too LOL I want my own pair for my house. So I can be like my Oma and Opa and just have a pair in the house to look at.

So yep lots of things happening in our lives at the moment. I just can’t wait to go away on an actual vacation and explore somewhere new together and just unwind. We always seem to be rushing around and just barely squeezing things in. It’s time to make a change and hit cruise control on life and just enjoy the ride ya know?!

I keep ending every blog post like this but I’ll be putting up longer posts about all these things when they actually happen! So look out for THAT post as well.

See ya! Thanks for reading!


Oh hello there! It’s me! I have decided to get back into dancing! Crazy right? 😛 So my friend and I rented out a space in Oakham so she could practice karate and I could just mess around dancing. Great combo right? Karate and Irish dancing in 1 room! The lady that owns the place is so nice and really helpful. I for sure want to make that a weekly thing and try to get back into dancing.

I was SO OUT OF SHAPE!! I really appreciate the level of dancing I was at years ago. I can’t believe I was so hard on myself back then. Irish dancing is hard! And when you’re used to being a couch potato to doing that… it’s a shock. I left the class purple and red. I’m determined to get through a whole dance without needing an oxygen mask LOL I’m surprised how much I could remember though.


Stephanie circa 2009 Oakville Feis

So yeah I’ll keep talking about my progress with dance and who knows… maybe I’ll do grade exams if not just for something to do on a weekend.

See ya!

Poor Grace :(

It’s been an interesting week I’ll tell you that! Grace hasn’t been acting herself lately so we have been keeping a close eye on her just in case. She’s been hiding upstairs and keeping to herself. Then a few days ago she started to not get excited about her food. Not a good sign! I took her for a walk that night and it was not a good experience for her… to be vague we’ll just say that her outgoings weren’t pleasant AT ALL… ugh. Then she ended up barfing 3 times in under 24 hours. So that’s lead to today. We went to go visit the vet. I think things are looking up. They sent us home with a ton of medication and rehdydrating sachets to get her back on her food. So far no barfing yay! Not even any heaving yay!

Thought I’d try and post every day even if it’s just something small or seems silly to write about. I have a hard time appreciating things that happen in the moment and I figured writing a daily blog about what happened that day would be good! So HERE’S HOPING! Come on Steph! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

I’ll keep you updated on my baby’s progress! She’s sleeping at the moment (as usual lol)

We adopted a Greyhound!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.26.30 AM.png

Well this is really old news to family and friends but I thought I’d post our experience of adopting a Greyhound. Back in January 2016 we started to look into rescue shelters in our area. Why a Greyhound you ask? Well waaaay back in my primary school days my friend took me to her aunt’s house who happened to have rescues. One of them was a GREYHOUND! I can’t explain it but ever since then I just knew I’d have a Greyhound. I didn’t obsess over it for years and years… I just knew I’d have one. Well the stars aligned this year and we were approved to adopt a Greyhound! We thought this breed would be a good fit for our lifestyle right now and went to go visit a rescue centre. We ended up going to Brambleberry Greyhounds just outside Peterborough. We meant to just take a look and then visit other shelters but we fell in love with one particularly lovely lady called GRACE!

The adoption process was pretty smooth and by the end of January she was in our home! The first day she came home I was hit with one of the worst flus I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget that day that’s for sure! We arranged for her to be brought to our house around 2pm… so by 1:50pm I was on edge waiting for a knock on the door! After making the house all tidy and taking in the last few minutes of having a dog free house there was a knock! yay! “Did you order a Greyhound?” the man said LOL Yep that’s us! So he went to the back of his van (loaded with other hounds going to their forever homes!) and got Grace for us. She was SO TIMID. She didn’t want to move at first but the man was so kind and gentle and convinced Grace to move. Apparently the last dog he dropped off had to be lifted into his new home aww. So Grace came in and her room of choice was not where the cosy duvet was. She decided to hide in the kitchen for 2 days aww. We put her duvet in the kitchen so she’d have something soft and warm to sleep on. I took a few days off of work to make sure she settled in and got used to having her new human around. By day 2 I took her duvet out of the kitchen and into the living room. It took her the whole day but she finally came out of the kitchen to hang out with us.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you get your hound and the first month you have your hound:

  1. The dog you’re looking at right now is probably not the hound you’re going to be living with the rest of its life. Their behaviour will change once you get to know them/they get to know you. Unless you have a very confident dog!
  2. Expect that their tummies are going to hate everything you give them. We ran out of the kibble the shelter gave us and it took over a month for her tummy to adjust to new food.
  3. Get a good harness! We have had too many houdini moments with Grace! She’s managed to escape 4 times now. We just bought the RuffWear harness and there’s no way she’s getting out of that!
  4. They can be stubborn… but in a cute way? Grace INSISTS on going a certain way on her walks. I have to pick her up with the new harness and redirect her if we’re busy in the morning and have to get going.
  5. Yes they sleep most of the day. I would come home at lunch to take her on a walk or let her outside but she never leaves her duvet. They really are quite happy with just 2 walks a day! Grace will force her body down into the ground when you try to put her harness on at lunch time. So don’t feel guilty if you work 9-5. This pup is quite happy with her quiet time! I leave BBC Radio 4 on in the background so she has something ‘neutral’ and not too exciting to listen to lol
  6. THEY SHED!!! I had no idea how much Greyhounds shed until Spring came along. I could sit there for hours on end just brushing her. You can make a pack of greyhound puppies out of all the fur you get out of them in one sitting!
  7. They get dry skin. I’ve been told about coconut oil or fish oil in their food. She’s fine now that it’s summer, but the heaters made her skin very dry (she even had flakes)
  8. They like routine. It’s the long weekend as I write this and Grace is not handling it too well lol We usually get up around 6am every day but we decided to sleep in til 6:30 (:P) and she was not amused. Right now she’s moaning and growling trying to wake up dad because he’s in charge of morning walkies in her mind haha.
  9. The ears. The ears… don’t even get me started. Her ears have a personality all their own.
  10. Stairs are a challenge. It’s been 4 months and Grace is finally using the stairs! It took a sandwich on the third step for her to get the guts to try stairs… so I took the sandwich away and replaced it with her treats. She’s still a bit funny about going down the stairs but she does it eventually!
  11. Lastly, ZOOMIES! Every morning Grace does her ‘zoomies’ aka runs around like a lunatic and snorting and shoving her nose in your arm and making huge sighs because she’s so happy to see you. It’s the best part of my day! She has mild zoomies in the evening when I come home but nothing compared to first thing in the morning. I need to get a video of Grace doing her zoomies but here’s a cute video of another one 

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, quirky adorable companion then I can’t recommend a Greyhound enough! They’re low maintenance and love to be around you. Think about rescuing a Greyhound and offering up a spare duvet to one of these lovely hounds. I love my pup so much!